Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hello Kitty Town Johor Bahru

A month before i resign from my office. I decided to celebrate my birthday in Hello Kitty Town (Johor Bahru). This is the recap of my 3D2N traveling moments!

21st July 2014
I did breakthrough things today:
  •  I went alone to Singapore using Air Asia. In the past, i used to fly with Garuda Indonesia. I try to be humble this time :p
  • Took MRT for very first time. I already went to this city since i was 5 years old but i always got picked up by my friends or using taxi
  • Eating Swedish food in Bugis. I love it!
  • Sleeping in BnB (Bed and Breakfast). One room for 8 persons and bathroom is outside. I never had such experience. I did it but i'm barely sleeping that night
22nd July 2014
After lunch, I'm leaving Singapore and heading to Johor Bahru. I got a companion from Jakarta. First day in JB, I spent all day in Mall and buy some stuffs. 
That night, i slept in hotel because I've enough with BnB.

23rd July 2014
Officially 24 years old. In 08.30am, me and my friend already dress up to get Hello Kitty Town. Super excited. In the morning, my friend gave me surprise. Alhamdulillah, cute mini cupcakes!

12 cupcakes for my 24th birthday
Make a wish
We used Red cab to get there. We paid 75 RM to enter Hello Kitty Town. Quite affordable!
In the entrance, we saw Red Bow Cafe. I bought nothing from here because i'm running out my RM.

The happiest birthday girl
Adventure begins in Hello Kitty House,
We started from Hello Kitty terrace. Cute!
Then, we entered the house:

After went to living room. Next corridor was Hello Kitty kitchen!

Cute refrigerator
The Bathroom:

Moved to Mimmy's room. Full of gold! I love it!

The phone that i hang to is worked. This phone played conversation between Hello Kitty and her tailor and florist. Funny!
There was walk in closet that seperated Mimmy and Kitty rooms,

At last but not least, Hello Kitty room!

We just finished Hello Kitty's house tour.
And move to another room. We decorated cookies, create pin and put jewelries.

The last destination is Hello Kitty Black Wonder Adventure! Super cute! I barely took pictures because i just way too excited to break the code and finish the game.
So, we finished Hello Kitty Town Journey in 2 hours. It was small place. I didn't take some spot like Cinnamonroll Cafe, Hello Kitty Tea Cup Ride, Puurfect Stage and Friendship Land (Playground for kids).

Here's my opinion about Hello Kitty Town (Johor Bahru):
(+) If you are Hello Kitty fan (like me), you MUST visit it. Very cute and full of Kitty!
(+) The first Sanrio attraction outside Japan. 

(-) Build for young children
(-) Anyone who don't interested with cute things / hello kitty will find it as boring place
(-) Some blogger says the price didn't match with the place. Too expensive for small place.
(-) Hard to access by bus. We need extra money for cab.

What do you think?
See you soon in Hello Kitty Town!


  1. you know, despite living so close to Malaysia, I have never been to HK land. Your photos are really tempting me to go now ;)


    1. You should try to visit Hello Kitty Town in holiday session, I'm pretty sure they will have special event / offer during peak season.

  2. i love hello kitty

  3. Such a fun looking place. You looked like you had such a great time!

  4. Happy New Year and wish you all the best for 2015!!
    After a long break I am officially back and thank you so much for your support!! I deeply appreciate it ;)
    My Lyfe ; My Story

    1. Sorry for reply your comment in the middle of the year. Well, we still have 6 months to go in 2015, I wish the best for you too! I've been in hiatus too in blogging ^^. Let's keep support each other!

  5. Wahh, lucu-lucu banget yaa. Pokoknya all about hello kitty deh. Nice info sist ^^

  6. hello kitty that is near my place there in Nusajaya Johor Bahru, and I've been there too, no maybe, cool pics! I followed your blog just now :D

  7. That place is full of cuteness! <3 I wish I could go there too. :)

  8. aaaaaaaaaak, nangisss baca post ini, I SUPER love hello kitty dan waktu terakhir aku ke JB, belum buka hiks hiks. definitely must visit for the next trip!

    1. Me too! Aku ngefans banget sama Hello Kitty (tapi cuma yg pita merah ^^)
      Yah... sayang banget :(
      Kalo ke Singapore, mampir aja ke Johor Bahru, gampang dan murah aksesnya bisa via bis dari Bugis st.