Monday, July 11, 2016

Hello Kitty Cafe Jakarta

Yay, the wait is over!
Official Hello Kitty Cafe already open in Jakarta, Indonesia. Me and Ricky pay a visit at their first week and it's super crowded. I sat for almost an hour in waiting room.

The saddest part, the food that I crave for so long were out of stock.
But, we keep it up by trying another menu!

Their menu is made from Wooden Pink Window, too cute! I finally decided to purchase Lemon tea (25.000 IDR / 1.37 USD), Iced tea (18.000 IDR / 1.9 USD), and Kitty's Magic Box - it was Honey Brick Toast in general - (88.000 IDR / 6.72 USD).

I love the taste, it's worth to que! This cafe isn't as fancy as Hello Kitty Gourmet in KL and isn't as big as Hello Kitty House in Bangkok (I will write about my visit at those places very soon) but this one felt so homey! You will love this tiny lovely corner.

I only sat there for 1 hour because I'm feel sorry to people in waiting room. Before going home, i took mandatory ootd pose at Hello Kitty Cafe Jakarta. For all Hello Kitty Lover in Jakarta, see you there!

Hello Kitty Cafe Jakarta
Ruko Crown Golf Block D No. 29-30
Bukit Golf Mediterania, Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
(+6221) 22512383
Opening Hours: 
Sun - Fri 11am – 10pm
Sat - Sun 11am – 11pm

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Surprise Ideas - Happy Birthday, Boyfriend!

Sorry for stop writing lately. 
Today, i will share about my birthday surprise plan for Ricky Dwi Alamandha Putra - the most adorable and scary boyfriend ever!

This year, he is turned 25 years old.
It took for almost two months for preparation. I've been so busy at office hours and I spent most of my spare time for managing my online shop: Oui Fragrance. I don't think i can handle this surprise alone during my tight schedule. But, deep down in my heart, I just want to make it as his best surprise ever.

Then, an idea come out from my mind - let's hire party stylist service! After listing some party planner, i picked Cloudream as my party stylist. I asked them to have meeting with me in surprise venue (Blue Jasmine) and brief them a to z.
(ps: I love their service, i'm kinda strict client. I always pay attention to details and will definitely ask them to change whole thing if they don't make it precisely as my brief. You know what? They are super professional and responsive. I would mind to hire them to all my parties!)

Finally i can focus to create gift vouchers. In his 25 birthday, he will get 25 personalized gifts. I wrote his gifts in airplane - yes, i'm high above in the sky from KL to Jakarta and still managed to make him happy. Well, the perks of being fast-lane person!

Here is his birthday vouchers list:
1. USD 25
2. YEN 25
3. MYR 25
4. WON 25
5. EUR 25
(expired 10th March 2017) 
(expired 10th March 2017) 
(expired 10th March 2017) 
(expired 10th March 2017)
(expired 10th March 2017)
(expired 10th March 2017)
(expired 10th March 2017)
(expired 10th March 2017)
(expired 10th March 2017)
(expired 10th March 2017)
(expired 10th March 2017)
(expired 10th March 2017)
(expired 10th March 2017)
(expired 10th March 2017)
(expired 10th March 2017)
(expired 10th March 2017)
(expired 10th March 2017)
(no terms and condition apply)
(no terms and condition apply)
(no terms and condition apply)
(no terms and condition apply)

He said it was the best surprise ever. We took so many pictures on that day. Happiness overload!

Here's some tips to make remarkable surprise:
1. Know him / her precisely 
Ricky is a kinda guy who prefer moments than stuffs. So, branded products won't be appealing to him and he will not keep DIY stuff. That's why i picked birthday vouchers as his gift. So, make sure you have in depth research for your surprise target.

2. Budget
You decide. Extra efforts will cost you less money. If i'm not busy or thrifty, i may print all decor stuff by myself but i more enjoyed to save time than money.

3. Worry- free
Well, don't expect she / he will eventually happy or give you compliments. Take note in your head, whether they like it or not, just give your best!

Good luck! 

End note:
Some people will conclude about how i love him very much so i did so much for his birthday. 
It's all wrong.
He is the one who always loved me and inspire me to make this one for him. 
He says "i love you" in a million different ways such: "why don't you replied my text earlier?", "i will drive you home" or even "open your mouth aaaa (and he put a spoonful food in my mouth)".
 I just gotta be listen and be thankful for every little thing that he did for me.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


I just can't get enough with tea!
Last month me and Ricky decided to have afternoon tea at Bistronomy. This bistro was my favorite since the end of 2013. I'm totally adore the mixed ambiance between bistro and gastronomy. 
When we were arrived Bistronomy, we felt going back to Louis XVI's era. I gave 5 stars for Bistronomy's interior. 

The furniture and architecture were astonish. How about their afternoon tea?  
They had 2 type of afternoon tea. We picked the light one, it's only 242.000 IDR / 18.25 USD  for two people (include tax and services). 

And these are my afternoon tea package details:
  • Tartlet Full of Edamame (edamame nut's, creme cheese, chocolate garnish, orange confit)
  • Mini Sponge Cake "Coffgreen" (butter cream, chocolate garnish, fresh strawberry)
  • Vanila Cookies (cookies, strawberry coulis)
  • Mini Bread (spicy chicken teriyaki, mix tomato, cream cheese)
  • Herbs Potato (mashed potato & bolognese)
  • Cheese Potato Puffs (mashed potato, egg, cream, cheddar cheese)
  • Herbs Foccacia Finger (foccacia bread, herbs, and paprika powder)
For the drink, we can choose two of coffee or two of tea flavors: earl grey tea, green tea & mint, green tea & lemon, jasmine green tea, pure peppermint, pure chamomile, passion fruit mango, mango & orange, lemon & ginger, peach tea and blackcurrant tea. 
As usually, i definitely go with English breakfast tea.

We finished all cakes and savory at 6 pm. We did great time there!
For the taste: it's kinda so-so, i don't like it nor hate it. Overall, this package is cheap and cheerful! 
But, the furniture were photogenic and it's obviously recommended for taking photos. Some people rented Bistronomy as wedding venue!
FYI, you had to use valet service for only 25.000 IDR (1.89 USD) / visit.  So, let's have le parisian day at Bistronomy!

Jalan Ciniru I No. 2, Kebayoran Baru, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
(021) 7396655
Opening Hours: 
Sun - Thur 11am – 11pm
Fri - Sat 11am – 01pm
Tea Time Hours: 2 pm - 6 pm 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Outfit Ideas - Lady Like or Rebel Valentine

Happy Valentine day, people!
Let's get a rid of pink dresses. It's time to be more lovable with another theme.
I pick two kind of outfit: lady-like or rebel one.

Floral Dress from 
Red Chanel Bag
Harry Winston Watch
Louboutin Heels

Iron Fist Dress
Marc Jacobs Sling Bag
Givenchy Handcuff
Abbey Dawn Platform Boots

These two outfit ideas were my favorite. I pick them all by myself! Most of them are my favorite stuff such as Iriza White heels from Louboutin.
So, are you ready to dress up today? Tell me!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Belle et Petite

Actually, I don't have any plan to visit Belle et Petite last Saturday. I just went to Pacific Place Mall with my sisters and accidentally I spoke to myself that i should give a try.
Well, Belle et Petite is located near escalators, it's quite disturbing for me . But still, it's a pretty little dessert parlor.

I just realized that Belle et Petite is a very well-known in Instagram. Macaroons are their specialties. They have different price policy - if you are purchasing online you will get 12.000 IDR  (0.87 USD) / each and if you buy it in offline store, you should pay 15.000 IDR (1.2 USD)  / each.

I picked four macaroons and one cake that stole my attention:
  • Gold macaroon that made from Baileys
  • Red and Choco macaroon with Black-forest taste
  • Green macaroon with Milo Taste
  • Mint "Blueberry" macaroon
  • Red Velvet Cake
Red Velvet and Milo are my ultimate love, the rest of it just because of their cute colors. As usually, i picked English Breakfast tea to accompany my tea time.

I was in love with the macaroons and i wouldn't hesitate to re-purchase again. The price is reasonable, one cake only cost 35.000 IDR / 2.5 USD - each. Surprisingly, free flow tea only 30.000 IDR / 2.15 USD.

I do recommend Belle et Petite for macaroon and cakes lovers, cheap price with good quality. Therefore, their little corner definitely a photogenic corner. 

What do you think?

Belle et Petite
Pacific Place Mall
4th Floor, 
Jenderal Sudirman Street, SCBD, Jakarta
Opening hours:  10 am - 9 pm

Friday, January 15, 2016

Kitty's Corner PIK

I've been visiting this cafe regularly eversince two years a go but i always forgot to write about Kitty's Corner.
This cafe is full of Hello Kitty - even it's not licence cafe from Sanrio.

As you can see, the entrance is very playful and eye catching. Let's go inside!

The cafe is located in 2nd floor, We will walk trough their Wall of Fame. Then, when you were arrived in cafe, you will start to say "Cuteness overload! or "It's too pink" or as simply as "Wow"

The cafe architecture and decor is rated 3/5 for me. As red ribbon Hello Kitty fan, this one is too pink for me.  

One of their best seller drink is Fruit Punch (23.000 IDR / 1.65 USD). Honestly, I don't like it. The only reason why i choose this one because of Hello Kitty's jelly inside.

For our breakfast, I ate Hello Kitty Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream (39.000 IDR / 2.79 USD). Thalita got her Hello Kitty Chocolate Peanut Toast (24.000 IDR / 1.72 USD) and Vanny enjoyed her Hello Kitty Choco Cheese Bread (22.000 IDR / 1.57 USD).
For the taste, it's could be state as so-so. It's not delicious but it's not terrible. Well, at least they have cute presentation and totally win my heart. How about the price? I think it's still affordable and the price already bundling with taxes.

After we finished our meals. We decided to find lunch in PIK's area. We just felt recharged after having breakfast in Kitty's Corner. It's a good mood food for us.
Before we were leave, we decided to sight-seeing in 1st floor. This floor is dedicated as Hello Kitty Store by Cafe owner. Sadly not all the stuff were original products.

I do recommend Kitty's Corner for girls or dating couple. For Hello Kitty fan, its should be puuur-fect place!

Kitty's Corner
Ruko Metro Broadway
Blok A No. 6
Jl. Pantai Indah Utara 2
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta 14460
Opening hours: 
Tue-Fri: 10:30 am - 7:00 pm
Sat-Sun: 10:30 am - 8:30 pm