Monday, May 25, 2015

3 Things to do in Volendam

When in Amsterdam, my friend in Prague texted me and strongly suggest that i should visit Volendam. Honestly, this cute little town is totally caught my eyes.

For everyone who are interested with this little town. I will share 3 things to do in Volendam for urban people who need getaway! 

1st Taking A LOT of pictures
It's seems so lame, but trust me... for someone who lived in big city. Volendam architecture throw us back to our childhood moments or maybe the houses seems jump off from our bedtime book stories.

Don't forget to try Foto De Boer too. We should pay at least 20 euros to be dress up like Dutch. It's quite pricey but come on... This is rated as the best typical photo in whole Netherlands. Let's try and burn the cash!

2nd Eat LIKE A BOSS!
Another spending cash thing is try and buy various cheese in here. They were the best cheese I ever taste. 

Next, make sure you try the most fresh herring fish in Netherlands. I just can't stop eating it. If you don't like something raw or something like sashimi. You can buy fried seafood in various stands.

3rd Enjoy the Harbor
This harbor town makes me felt like Popeye. I'm ready to sail! I was living in big city and i found peace by looking at the ships. Oh, Volendam... I miss you!

So, are you gonna pack your bags and go to Volendam? Tell me!