Friday, June 7, 2013

Outfit Ideas - Eyecatching Summer Style

I'm not a beach babe but Ricky's photos inspire me to create eyecatching summer style!

Well, i just get too excited with Summer. 

Summer Looks

Prepare yourself with these mandatory stuffs:

1. Headbands
Pink ribbon with polkadots - voila, you will never go out of style. Rem' using hat in beach is kinda mainstream lately (at least for me)

2. Sunglasses
Try to buy some everlasting brand like Ray Ban

3. Towels
The point is pick the right color. You got it rite?

4. Bikini
Pick 1 size smaller than your daily size. Yup, it's for boost up your butts and racks!

5. Accessories
Find the most "beach" mood 

6. Tote Bag
I pick a transparent shocking pink from Harpers and Smith, you will instantly stunning in the middle of beach

7. Toiletries
Don't try to copy our granny who desperately love to bring normal size toiletries. You can buy travel bottles kit in Mark and Spencer then redeploy your daily products. But, if you are lazy, you can move your ass to The Body Shop or L'Occitane en Provence counter nearby and buy their travel size products.

8. Flip-flops
Havaianas is always a good idea. Finger crossed. 

So, are you ready to be the most eye-catching girl in the beach?
I bet you will.